Child Developmental Center

Day Care Center, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata.

Visiting hour: Mon, Thurs:10-2pm; Tues:10-8pm

Mental Health Foundation

4th  floor, 6 Andul Raj Road, kolkata – 26

Visiting hour: Mon, Sat: 5-8 pm; Wed:11-2pm

Mobile: (91) 9836841314


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Helping children with physiotherapy is quite different to helping adults, from an anatomical, physiological and psychological point of view. To treat children effectively all these issues need to be considered. I ensure our sessions are fun and interesting and something to look forward to – not fear.

Children are not just small adults, they grow very quickly and their bodies are always developing.  To provide the right physiotherapy for children therefore requires very specialist knowledge and experience.

All this means that I ideally placed to provide the highest quality of treatment and care to ‘help your child reach their goals’!